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    Is coffee or tea your favorite drink on the go? One-time disposable cups are a thing of the past! The new legislation will come into force on 1 July and a reusable drinking cup will become the new standard. The ultimate coffee cup to go from VANN is the must-have of 2023. The thermos cup is made to be reused and is ideal for travelling, at the office or during a walk. The stainless steel double wall design ensures that your coffee or tea stays nice and warm. The outside does not get hot, but it is nice for your hands. 

    ✔ For any creation: Starbucks Grande size (500ML)
    ✔ Keeps drinks hot or cold
    ✔ Easy to clean
    Non-slip bottom
    ✔ Leak-proof
    ✔ BPA free
    ✔ Donate 1 euro to the Plastic Soup Foundation
    ✔ Fits in most cup holders (diameter 7 cm)

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    BPA free

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The thermos cup is ideal for creative coffee creations, tea, iced tea, iced coffee, protein shakes, fruit juice, fruit water and your own drinks. The cup keeps your drinks cold for 12 hours or hot for 6 hours

    The concept of expensive is different for everyone and we cannot judge what is expensive for you. We do want to show you that a VANN thermos cup can be a unique investment with a high return. Imagine spending $30 on a reusable VANN bottle. This saves you an average of 2 one-time bottles + 6 disposable cups per month, which means about 6 euros per month. In a year you will save 72 euros and you will have spent only 30 euros. This makes you end up with 42 euros in plus, which means a return of 140 % 📈.

    Our advice is not to clean VANN thermos cup in the dishwasher. This is because the dishwasher can affect the life of the cup. We have customers who simply put the cup in the dishwasher and experience no problems. However, we want to guarantee you 100% sure of the best quality and our advice remains to clean the bottle by hand. Rinse your cup well after use and clean it regularly with a drop of detergent.

    A VANN Ultimate Thermos Cup has several advantages over other cups on the market. We will list some of these benefits below. Our cups are fully powder coated and do not have an uncoated collar, minimizing the chance of rusting. Most thermos cups on the market have a capacity of 300-400 ml, which may be too small for those who enjoy creative coffee creations. That's why our design is based on the "Starbucks Grande" format. In the market it often happens that the anti-slip part comes off, so we have added extra and strategic glue points to prevent this.

    Yes! You have our promise. Be careful when drinking hot drinks, because the cup keeps the drink really warm. Be careful when taking a sip to avoid burning yourself.

    Yes, the VANN cups are 100% free of harmful substances such as BPA, DEHA and microplastics. We only use the highest quality food-safe stainless steel, which means that bacteria growth is much less than in a plastic cup. Keep in mind that it is important to clean your cup regularly!

    The VANN thermos cup is indeed 100% leak-proof under normal use. We do advise to be careful when storing the filled cup in a bag. Make sure the cup is positioned properly in your bag and avoid other objects bumping into the drinking lid as this could lead to leakage. Of course we want to prevent this!

    Yes, when purchasing a VANN thermos cup you automatically donate 1 euro to the Plastic Soup Foundation.