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    Where do you get the best coffee to go in Amsterdam?

    Waar haal je de lekkerste koffie to go in Amsterdam?

    In no other city in the Netherlands are there so many coffee bars as in Amsterdam. So if there's one city where you can drink good coffee, it's Amsterdam! From Noord to de Pijp, you will find a super nice coffee shop with the best coffee to go everywhere. So it's high time to list the coffee bars where you can get the best coffee to go in Amsterdam.

    1. Treat

    Let's start right away with a tip from the locals. They come here every day to enjoy so-called specialty coffees. We are talking about coffee bar Trakteren, located at Jan Pieter Heijestraat 119A Oud-West near the Vondelpark. The tiny coffee bar (so small you'll pass it before you notice it) is run by the two owners who have an absolute passion for coffee. The coffee that the two men make is roasted by Spot On Coffee Roasters, a micro coffee roaster in Amsterdam. Because the gentlemen are closely involved in the roasting process, they know how to create the right flavors in their coffee. So grab yourself quickly reusable coffee cup and on to Old West!

    2. Coffee & Such

    Coffee & Such is a coffee bar that 'accidentally' ended up in the coffee scene. It was actually the intention to turn this into a pancake restaurant, but the coffee bar was more popular. The coffee is good, the neighborhood is cozy and the people are friendly. Basically all the ingredients for a delicious coffee to go! You will find this coffee bar within walking distance of the Westergasfabriek, namely at Haarlemmerdijk 182 in the Haarlemmerbuurt.

    3. The coffee parlor

    The coffee shop has 4 branches in the city, 2 of which are in the center. Take it from us that this is an absolute winner to pick up a coffee to go. Because well, that is an understatement for the coffee served here. It is not for nothing that the coffee salon on the Utrechtsestraat won the prize for the best coffee in the Netherlands a few years ago. If you bring your own reusable coffee cup, you will receive a €0.10 discount on your order. This coffee shop is ready for the new legislation coming into effect this year.


    4. Coffee on the ramparts

    In the middle of the red light district you will find the Quartier Putain coffee shop – literally translated: red light district – you won't get more appropriate… The best coffee to go, made from beans from all over the world, can be found here. Take a delicious piece of homemade cake with it and find a bench on the canal to enjoy it. Take it from us that in addition to enjoying, you will also be amazed.

    5. Coffee spot

    You should definitely try this coffee shop. Koffiespot is a small business in the middle of the Jordaan at Elandsgracht number 53. The coffee is always delicious, the Jordanian atmosphere is always friendly and cozy and they also have super tasty cakes and healthy juices. There is always a long queue but that makes sense. Get a nice coffee, piece of cake and sit on a bench on the square in front of the door. It may not be a terrace, but you do have a bit of the same experience here and you can watch people unabashedly. Tell yourself, doesn't that sound great?!

    6. LOT61

    You will find LOT61 in the Kinkerstraat at number 112. A true paradise for coffee lovers. Every day the coffee is freshly prepared by our own roaster. The result is a delicious and fresh cup of coffee. The place functions as a café, shop and roastery in one. In other words, if you are just as much of a coffee lover as we are, you can start with a delicious cup of coffee at LOT61 on the terrace in the sun, then take a coffee to go for the road and immediately purchase some delicious coffee beans for home!

    7. Rum Baba

    Do you love both coffee and vintage stuff? Then you should definitely pay a visit to Rum Baba at Elandsgracht 134 or Pretoriusstraat 15. Rum Baba is derived from Baba au Rhum – or popular French cakes infused with rum that are of course also available here. Is your mouth watering already? In these cozy coffee shops that are full of nice vintage items, plants and have a beautiful bright blue floor, you are also at the right place for delicious coffees from home-roasted beans, addictive red velvet cake, cinnamon buns and fresh tea.

    8. The Coffee virus

    Who doesn't suffer from it these days.... However, this is the name of our next tip for the best coffee to go in Amsterdam. It's a coffee spot in the middle of a lab, where creative minds, freelancers and business people meet to discuss possible collaborations. Do you not fall under one of the categories mentioned? Don't worry, everyone is welcome in Noord for coffee and lunch! They specialize in historical, exotic and trendy filter coffees and love to make your coffee with the V60-1, Aeropress, Chemex and Siphon.

    9. Coffee and Koeck

    Especially for all vegans, vegetarians and lactose-free fans. This fantastic coffee bar was opened not so long ago at Haarlemmerweg 175, where the 100% plant-based menu also focuses on patisserie. Think of delicious coffee from Bocca that is prepared with soy, almond, hazelnut or spelled milk, with scuffins (indeed, a mix between a muffin and scone), cinnamon rolls, petit fours and varying cakes such as vegan pecan pie. And as bonus points: the interior of Koffie ende Koeck is recycled and even ecological chalk paint has been used.

    10. White Label North

    Noord is hot and so is the coffee in this fantastic coffee bar. White Label Noord is located in the Tutti Frutti district of Amsterdam Noord. You leave with the ferry to the other side, cycle along NDSM terrain and arrive in a new part of Amsterdam. In addition, they share this building with restaurant Spaanders. In other words, you can turn your coffee to go into a coffee to stay in this coffee bar.