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    The best places for coffee to go in Rotterdam

    De beste plekken voor koffie to go in Rotterdam

    If you, like most people, can't live without coffee, chances are you have at least one cup when you leave the house in the morning. But often that is not nearly enough. Fortunately, there are plenty of coffee shops in Rotterdam where you can get “coffee to go” on the way to the office. But that's what makes choosing so difficult! Because what are the best places for a delicious coffee to go in Rotterdam? We're going to tell you! So grab your reusable coffee cup and hop into town!

    1. NOC NOC

    Delicious coffee, a super cool atmosphere and a pleasant, cool ambiance. That is what you will find at NOC NOC. NOC NOC – which stands for 'No Ordinary Coffee' 'Not Only Coffee'. You will find this place for coffee to go at Botersloot 28A, just behind the Blaak in the Maagd van Holland Kwartier. They not only serve delicious coffee to go in different variants, but you can also enjoy a cup of coffee on site. It's a nice place to be inside. There is a lot of light through the large windows. And you can ideally work at the large tables. With sufficient sockets and good WiFi, it can sometimes happen that you linger here longer than planned and that your coffee to go becomes a coffee to stay.

    2. Coppi

    Coppi is located on the Bergweg in North Rotterdam, in the Hofbogen on the corner of Eudokiaplein: a unique coffee shop. What makes Coppi so unique, we hear you ask? Well, we'll tell you. Besides the fact that you can get delicious coffee to-go, you can also go there if you want to buy a bicycle or have it repaired... That was probably the last answer you expected. Coppi was born from a passion for cycling and catering. The two merge seamlessly at this coffee shop, as the name (which refers to the cyclist Fausto Coppi) suggests. While local bicycles are being repaired in the workshop, you sit three meters away enjoying your coffee and cake. You can also go here for exclusive (bicycle) products.

    3. Man with Glasses

    You can find really tasty Rotterdam coffee at Man met Bril in the Agniesebuurt at Vijverhofstraat 70. Here you can not only get the tastiest coffees to go, you can also buy the coffee beans themselves since they also roast the beans themselves. Everything here revolves around coffee. If you are here, a filter flight coffee is highly recommended. You will receive three different filter coffees from other countries and an explanation of the differences between these coffees. It's a fun way to improve your coffee knowledge and enhance your taste.

    4. Hopper

    Looking for a place for a tasty soy latte, flat white or cappuccino? You will find Hopper right in the center, at Schiedamse vest 146. Bring your reusable coffee cup and get the most delicious coffee creations you can imagine. Would you rather stay here a little longer? Then of course there is no problem. There is plenty of space inside and there is a terrace outside. There are also various cookies and brownies available.

    5. Urban Espresso Bar (UEB)

    The Urban Espresso Bar is a nice (work) place to both get coffee and drink it. Especially when the sun shines, it is pleasant to sit outside on the terrace. In the morning it is often busy here with self-employed people who come to get a cup of coffee. You can order a delicious cup of coffee from freshly ground Rotterdam beans. There is real Rotterdam coffee, namely Giraffe and it is served here. The coffee tastes delicious and is made from the most beautiful coffee beans from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia. You will find the Urban Espresso Bar at Nieuwe Binnenweg 263.

    6. Harvest Coffee Brewers

    Harvest Coffee Brewers is one of the best coffee places in Rotterdam. The owners of Harvest Coffee Brewers previously worked in Melbourne, where coffee making is considered a true art. With this experience and skills, they returned to Rotterdam to set up a coffee bar as they know it in Melbourne: with delicious food and the perfect cup of coffee. Located in the Old Harbor in Rotterdam, you can look out over the old ships while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Prepared with love by a good barista. Drink a delicious espresso of Colombian origin here. Harvest Coffee serves 4 different coffees per day. 2 filter coffee and 2 espresso coffee. Are you ordering a Batch Brew? Then you have a free refill! The coffee here is really delicious: are you looking for a coffee place in the center of Rotterdam? Then Harvest Coffee Brewers in the Oude Haven is the place to go!

    7. Lebkov & Sons

    The best place for coffee to go is of course at Rotterdam Central Station. At Lebkov & Sons you can get a delicious cup of coffee to wake up with on the train on the way to work. But don't just go to this great coffee shop for coffee to go. Lebkov & Sons is also a pleasant (work) place. You can drink a delicious cup of coffee here in peace. This place is suitable for both indoor and outdoor seating. Inside there is also an upper floor. People often work here with headphones on and a nice cup of coffee next to their laptop. The coffee is very good here! Lebkov & Sons is a must-go if you fancy coffee at Rotterdam Central Station.

    8. Nine bars

    In one of the nicest parts of Rotterdam, called the MaHo quarter, you will find the coffee shop Nine Bar. If you are strolling and browsing in the nice boutiques and cafés that you will find here, at some point you will probably like a delicious cup of coffee. In the Nine bar you can drink delicious cappuccinos, iced coffees, Americanos and lattes. They also serve tea, smoothies and other hot and cold drinks. Sit outside and enjoy your drink! You will find the Nine bar at Botersloot 44A.

    9. Holy beans

    Heilige boontjes is a coffee shop on Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. This is a coffee bar with a story. This shop originated from a reintegration project. This building is prominently located next to you in the center of the city as you exit the Metro. The small terrace tables and chairs outside give you an almost French feeling. Not just in spring or summer. No, these tables are always there and inviting, it turns out. People regularly enjoy their first cup of the day here in peace, even in winter.

    In the catering area, the industrial look is particularly striking and you see people working behind their laptops, catching up, or planning a meeting or meeting. Every time you will be welcomed here with a warm greeting. A greeting and attention that many store or catering employees could learn something from. In most cases you won't get further than the catering section, but if you can ever get a tour from Rodney – co-initiator and director of the foundation –: do it! This is an absolute must!

    The police once had a branch here and much of it has been left intact on the upper floors. There are photos of the young people who participate or took part in the project scattered throughout the building, and their special stories will touch you. When you reach the roastery at the top of the building and see the cell block and the very small air space, you feel and see the power of this project in this building.

    Do you want to support the Sacred Beans? You do this by, in addition to the delicious cup of comfort to go and your breakfast or lunch, you also use the Holy beans at home or at the office, in order to put this Rotterdam coffee on the map and contribute to new opportunities for these young people and a even more beautiful Rotterdam. Just because of this great initiative you would get your coffee to go here every day in Rotterdam, right?!

    10. Always nearby

    As we mentioned earlier in this blog, Rotterdam has its own coffee brand called Giraffe. Naturally, another coffee shop that serves the Rotterdam coffee brand should not be missed. Many Rotterdammers who have taken this brand to their hearts will send you to “Always nearby”.

    It is an open, light and trendy place where green plants create a modern atmosphere. The greenery of the plants, the seating areas and the large wooden “tree” create a hip, relaxed atmosphere. Upstairs there are two houses where you can sit if you need more privacy. There is plenty of choice: you can swing, work at a long table... or just sit on the terrace in the sun. You can find Altijd nearby at Weena 709.

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