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    Insulated bottle

    Insulated bottle

    Looking for a stylish and functional insulated bottle? Look no further than VANN Bottles. In this new blog, you can read all about our bottle features, available colours and our partnership with the Plastic Soup Foundation.


    While using our stylish insulated bottle , which is available in multiple colours (more on this later), you can feel assured that your cold drink will stay cold for 24 hours and your hot drink will stay hot for 12 hours. In addition, our bottle is 100% leakproof and plastic-free and comes in a luxurious recycled gift box. What's more, our thermos flask is free from BPA, a harmful chemical (Bisphenol A) found in plastic products that can cause health issues.

    Colour Options

    The insulating bottle from VANN Bottles is available in multiple sizes, including 500 ML and 750 ML, and comes in six colour options: black, marble black, marble blue, white, woody, and woody pink. Plus, when you order from us, you're making a positive impact on the environment. We'll dive more into that later in this blog.

    And if you're looking for even more convenience, our drinking bottle can be completed with a sports cap, making it even easier to stay hydrated on the go.

    Plastic Soup Foundation

    With every insulated bottle you order from us, we donate 1 euro to the Plastic Soup Foundation. We are witnessing increasing amounts of plastic ending up in our oceans, disrupting the entire ecosystem. The Plastic Soup Foundation is dedicated to reducing plastic waste through various campaigns, including education for children and young people – after all, they are the future. Do you have questions about plastic soup or the PSF? Then visit their website at

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