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    4 tips for a more sustainable company

    4 tips voor een duurzamer bedrijf

    4 tips for a more sustainable company

    In this blog we give you a number of useful tips for a sustainable company. Whether it concerns a large or small company, you can apply all the tips within your organization. Sustainable entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important, with these tips you can also contribute!

    1. Be sustainable with equipment

    Electrical appliances can be the largest power consumers for your company. There are several options to reduce this consumption. You can opt for energy-saving devices or use the equipment less. Below we will discuss a number of options with you.

    • Replace old lamps with new energy-saving lamps
    • Make sure you use the heating and air conditioning consciously. Ensure good insulation in the winter and open a window more often in the summer.
    • Turn appliances off at the end of the day. We often see that people unknowingly put electronics on standby, to save power it is better to turn everything off. Extra tip: Use a power strip with a switch, so you can easily switch off the power.


    1. Choose reusable drinkware

    We see that there is still a lot of use of disposable coffee cups or bottles. There is a lot to improve in this area, does your organization already use reusable drinks? Think of old-fashioned coffee cups or a sustainable drinking bottle. In addition to the fact that a reusable drinking bottle ensures sustainability, this is also a lot more user-friendly than cups. A cup of water often only holds 150-200ml and a drinking bottle 500ml. As a result, employees often automatically drink more water and this contributes to good health.

    1. Working from home more often

    During the corona pandemic, we found out that working from home is doable in many cases. For sustainability it is important that we keep this in mind. People who work from home do not have to travel to the office. This saves emissions and more importantly ensures that it is quieter on the road. When it is quieter on the road, there are fewer traffic jams. Fewer traffic jams result in a significant drop in CO2 emissions, because driving in traffic jams is more polluting than a normal driving car.

    1. Sustainable packaging materials

    Does your company use packaging materials? There is a lot to improve on in this subject. Consider, for example, cardboard, packaging tape or filling material. Often simple adjustments can be made with a big impact! An example is the purchase of 100% recycled boxes with an FSC quality mark. Also take a look at the website of Fast Packaging. They offer a free sustainability scan and can advise you without obligation. Click here for the website.