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GRATIS Standard bottle bij aankoop van € 50 (op=op)

    Waterfles 2 liter

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    🥇#1 verkochte RVS waterfles van Nederland & België

    ☑️Achteraf betalen en niet goed = geld terug
    ☑️Gratis verzending (Voor 22:00 besteld, morgen in huis)
    ☑️Ontwikkeld en getest door VANN® 

    KLIK HIER voor de 500 ML en 1 Liter variant

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        Hoeveel water per dag?


        🥇#1 verkochte RVS waterfles van Nederland & België

        ☑️Achteraf betalen en niet goed = geld terug
        ☑️Gratis verzending (Voor 22:00 besteld, morgen in huis)
        ☑️Ontwikkeld en getest door VANN® 

        KLIK HIER voor de 500 ML en 1 Liter variant

            Being optimally hydrated is essential for getting the best out of yourself. However, don't do this lightly; opt for style and quality with the VANN® Ultimate Bottle. Specially designed for those who only settle for the very best.

            Whether you're exercising, working, studying, or taking care of the family, with this bottle you'll always have the ultimate drinking experience at hand. The bottle is equipped with a triple wall, comes with 3 different caps, a wide opening and a cleaning brush. This combination guarantees the ultimate drinking convenience!



            ✔ For every occasion: With 3 caps
            ✔ Easy to clean
            ✔ Easy to fill with ice cubes
            ✔ No toxic substances
            ✔ Support Plastic Soup Foundation
            ✔ Reduce plastic waste
            ✔ 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot
            ✔ Leak-proof

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 12 reviews

            Een heel fijne fles! Drank blijft lang koel. Zelfs als de fles in de zon heeft gestaan. Heel blij mee!


            Super fijne fles! Koud drinken blijft écht koud en warm drinken (tot vervelend toe haha) écht warm. Daarbij ook leuk dat je met het kopen van de fles een goed doel steunt.


            Heel fijn met zo'n drink rietje


            Blijft de hele dag koud! En erg mooi!


            2 liter fles werd de volgende dag geleverd. Ziet er echt mooi en stevig uit. Ik ben er heel blij mee. Vul de fles in de ochtend met kokend water en kan er zelfs s avonds nog mee afwassen als er water over is. Had de fles jaren eerder moeten kopen.

            Houdt drankjes langer koud of warm dan andere drinkflessen

            Ontwikkeld om jouw drankjes extreem lang koud of warm te houden! Langer dan andere drinkflessen, dankzij de VANN® Triple wall techniek.

            Gemaakt van de beste kwaliteit 18/8 304 RVS. Extra gepolijst voor de langste levensduur en afgewerkt met een duurzame poedercoating.

            Dit resulteert in de beste eigenschappen. 24 uur koud of 12 uur warm, 100% BPA vrij, 100% lekvrij en kan tegen een stootje.


            Why 10,000+ people choose VANN

            - Complete set: Not just another bottle. VANN offers the ultimate drinking experience including 3 caps and cleaning brush.
            - Made from the highest quality materials
            - VANN® Triple wall: Truly 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot
            - Donate 1 EURO per bottle to the Plastic soup Foundation
            - Responsibly produced: Read more here
            - Calculate your personal water needs

            Listening to our customers, attention to perfection, passion for the craft and many tests have finally led to the ultimate drinking bottle. We've done all the preliminary work for you and are proud to offer you the ultimate drinking experience.

            Satisfied customers is what gives us energy. We are 100% confident in our products, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied? Contact us easily via whatsapp. No long procedures or forms. Short lines and direct contact!

            PROUD PARTNER
            VANN is proud eco-angel of the Plastic Soup Foundation. We help in the fight against disposable plastic and you automatically donate 1 EURO per purchased drinking bottle. 

            Created specifically to support your Ultimate Lifestyle, the VANN water bottle is your hydrated buddy for every occasion!

            So you can have a cold or hot drink on hand during a long workday, hydrate with ice water during your workout or enjoy your beverage creation while on the go.

            What is VANN?

            "The reality is that drinking from single-use plastic bottles is harmful to our health and our nature. After using plastic bottles, an overwhelming number of them are left in places where they don't belong.

            Hydration is the basis for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Yet research shows that only 15% of people drink enough water. That is unacceptably low. If we want to keep our body and mind in top condition, drinking enough is absolutely necessary.

            Our mission is to create awareness and inspire people to drink enough water, which helps them realize their Ultimate Lifestyle. The Ultimate Bottle is designed to drink enough water in a healthy and responsible way."

            - Thijs, Founder VANN Bottles

            Since 2020

            During my trip to Costa Rica, I was confronted with beaches full of plastic waste, especially single-use disposable bottles. On one of these beaches, the local community initiated a project to raise awareness. They cleaned up the beach and then created a whale sculpture out of all the plastic bottles they found there.These people and their artwork have led to the start of VANN. I am forever grateful to them.

            The Start

            After my trip to Costa Rica, I embarked on this journey with fresh ideas! The concept was there, and I simply started. We created designs, conducted tests, and eventually arrived at our first product, which we call "The Standard Bottle." It hasn't always been easy, and like any enterprise, VANN has faced its fair share of challenges. For years, I personally packed and shipped all the packages. It was a beautiful and enlightening time that I will never forget! Fortunately, I am no longer the one amidst the boxes. Nowadays, we collaborate with reliable logistics partners who can handle this process in a much more sustainable, efficient, and large-scale manner.


            Nederland & Belgie: 24 uur
            Duitsland: 2-4 dagen
            Verenigd Koninkrijk: 3-5 dagen
            Europa: 3-5 dagen
            Rest van de wereld: 5-10 dagen

            Moderne locatie in Nederland

            Duurzaamheid staat bij ons erg hoog in het vaandel, daarom doen wij ons uiterste best om jouw bestelling zo milieu bewust mogelijk te leveren. Jouw bestelling wordt verzonden vanuit een vol automatisch magazijn in Nederland. Dit zorgt er voor dat het verzendproces zo optimaal en duurzaam mogelijk is ingericht. Bestellingen voor 22:00 leveren wij doorgaans de volgende werkdag af. (Nederland en België)

            What is the delivery time and from where do you ship my order?
            We ship your order from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Ordered before 22:00 = delivered tomorrow (Netherlands). Delivery time for the rest of europe is 4-6 days.

            Do you offer a warranty?
            Yes, there is at least 1 year warranty on our products and we also offer a satisfaction guarantee. Not good = money back! No worries :).

            Is the bottle suitable for sparkling water?
            Yes, the bottle is suitable for sparkling water. Make sure you use the normal or pouring cap. The cap with a straw is also possible, but the high pressure can cause leakage.

            What is the weight of the Ultimate Bottle?
            500ML: 240 grams
            1 Liter: 350 grams
            2 Liter: 770 grams

            Can a VANN bottle be put in the dishwasher?
            Yes, VANN products can be put in the dishwasher. However, it is recommended to wash the products by hand, as this promotes longevity.

            Where are VANN products made?
            In a modern factory in China. Transparency is the future! CLICK HERE to read more about where we produce our products.

            Is a VANN drinking bottle free of harmful substances?
            Yes, the VANN drinking bottle is 100% free of harmful substances such as BPA, DEHA and microplastics. We use only the highest quality food grade stainless steel. This has been tested and one products meets the LFGB standard.

            Is it necessary to tilt the bottle when drinking from the straw?
            No. It is not necessary to tilt the bottle when drinking from the straw. Handy, for example, for in the car.

            Is the VANN drinking bottle leakproof?
            Correct, the VANN drinking bottle is indeed 100% leakproof with the sling cap and pouring cap. It is, however, our advice not to use the cap with straw when putting the bottle in your bag, as this can lead to leakage. This is with emphasis on can, as the cap with straw does not leak easily. However, if any other object in your bag touches it may cause the cap to move. It is our priority to prevent a wet bag, hence this advice.

            Is a VANN Water Bottle an expensive purchase?
            The concept of expensive is different for everyone and we cannot judge what is expensive for you. However, we do want to show you that a VANN water bottle can be a unique investment with a high return. Imagine spending 40 euros on a reusable VANN bottle. This will save you an average of 4 single-use bottles per month, which means about 10 euros per month. Over a year you will thus save 120 euros and have only spent 40 euros. As a result, you end up 80 euros in the plus, which means a 200% return 📈.