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    The 5 most beautiful hiking areas in nature (Netherlands) + Routes

    De 5 mooiste wandelgebieden in de natuur (Nederland) + Routes

    1. The Loonse en Drunense Duinen (Loon op Zand, North Brabant)

    Go on an adventure and relax in the Brabant Sahara! National Park De Loonse en Drunesne Duinen is also called the Brabant Sahara because it contains huge shifting sand plains. The area is no less than seven thousand football fields and has a great diversity. Think of sand plains, forests, water and beautiful heaths. Around the walking routes you will find cozy catering establishments where you can enjoy a snack or drink.

    TIP: In August and September the shepherd regularly goes out with his sheep. In these months you have a chance to meet the herd of sheep!

    Walking routes: CLICK HERE

    2. Veluwezoom National Park (Rheden, Gelderland)

    The Veluwe is a huge nature reserve in Gelderland, almost everyone knows it. In this article we zoom in on a specific area called Veluwezoom National Park. Veluwezoom is an area of ​​more than five thousand hectares and has different landscapes. There are pristine forests, heaths, sand drifts and country estates. A characteristic of this area is that there are many hills and it is said that in this area you have the best view of the Veluwe. A popular point is the posbank, in good weather you have a view as far as Germany!

    TIP: Spotting animals? Go to the Posbank and you have a beautiful view over the Herikhuizerveld where you can often find Scottish highlanders, Icelandic ponies and Rheden sheep

    Walking routes: CLICK HERE

    3. Zuid-Kennemerland National Park ( Overveen, North Holland)

    Go out in one of the largest dune areas in the Netherlands. In addition to dune landscape, Zuid-kennemerland National Park has much more to offer. Think of lakes, forests, open areas and various viewpoints. There is a good chance that you will see a fallow deer, rabbit or Scottish highlander from 1 of the viewpoints. An advantage over other parks in the Netherlands is that Zuid-Kennemerland is located on the coast. This gives you the opportunity to visit nice beaches and in good weather you can also take a dip.

    TIP: The wisent! The wisent is an animal that became extinct in large parts of Europe, but they can still be admired in Zuid-Kennemerland. There is a special Wisent viewpoint, the name of this point is Wisent viewpoint Kraansvlak.

    Walking routes: CLICK HERE

    4. De Biesbosch National Park ( North Brabant)

    The Biesbosch is the freshwater paradise of the Netherlands. In an area of ​​eight thousand hectares, small rivers form a huge maze that forms a special freshwater delta. There is plenty of life in this area! Beavers, sea eagles and hundreds of bird species feel at home here. The hiking trails in this area are very diverse and you can go here for a short detour on paved paths to long forays through marshy wetland. Are you going for a walk with your four-legged friend (dog)? That is possible, but pay attention because there are certain parts where dogs are not allowed. This to protect nature. In addition to walking, you can also enjoy canoeing, cycling or horse riding in the Biesbosch. In short, plenty to do in De Biesbosch!

    TIP: Want to spend the night in the middle of the Biesbosch? Which can! An Eco-lodge is available where you can enjoy nature and tranquility. Click here for more information.

    Walking routes: CLICK HERE

    5. Kaapse Bossen (Doorn, Utrecht)

    The Cape forests are located in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The Cape forests are often high on the list of favorites among the general public and for good reason! Here you will find a diversity of nature with beautiful forest paths. The paths vary from wide beech avenues to winding forest paths. This area is a real forest area; When you arrive you will smell the scent of the forest and you can enjoy the sun rays that shine through the forest. In addition to being a great forest area, it is close to the Randstad, which is easy to drive to for many!

    TIP: A beautiful view awaits on top of the De Kaap watchtower, don't forget this!

    Walking routes: CLICK HERE