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    Sustainable water bottle


    Sustainable water bottle

    Shop for your sustainable water bottle at VANN Bottles. In this new blog, you can read all about our water bottles, Costa Rica and the reviews we’ve received.

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    At Vann, it's no secret that we offer water bottles, sustainable water bottles this is. Our name, after all, is the Norwegian translation for ‘water’. Our bottles provide a great alternative to single-use disposable bottles and are crafted from top-quality materials like stainless steel. Equipped with a double wall, they keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. We have a variety of colours to choose from, including black, blue, white, beige and pink!

    Costa Rica

    The issue of plastic waste is becoming increasingly worse as it’s finding its way into places where it doesn’t belong. At VANN, we recognise the gravity of this problem, and we believe that action must be taken today to create a better tomorrow. That's why with every VANN thermos flask, we are doing our part to reduce the number of disposable bottles that end up in nature or on your streets, ultimately decreasing single-use plastic.

    Our journey towards sustainability began when we spoke to the locals of Costa Rica. This South American country is considered the most sustainable country on earth, and their way of life, which involves respecting nature and animals, deeply inspired us. As a result, we decided to launch Vann, a label for sustainable drinking bottles. You can order our sustainable water bottles today.


    At VANN, we believe that feedback is crucial to improving our sustainable water bottle. We take our customers' opinions seriously and are continuously innovating to make our products even better. Sander, who shared his thoughts on Trust Pilot, says: “Very easy bottle to use in daily life, it looks good and is environmentally friendly. This bottle is highly recommended!” Dennis is also very satisfied, stating: "Nice design, and it's definitely functional. It keeps my coffee warm, and my drinks cool in the summer!" And Maud had this to say: "Good service! Nice drinking bottle. My drinks stay cold for a long time.”

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