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    The benefits of a reusable drinking bottle

    De voordelen van een herbruikbare drinkfles

    Why would you choose a sustainable drinking bottle instead of one-time disposable bottles?

    Below we will explain this to you and list the benefits.

    Reusable drinking bottle

    When you choose a sustainable water bottle, this generally automatically ensures that you use fewer plastic bottles. A sustainable bottle is refillable and this ensures that you can reuse the bottle very often. Reusing a drinking bottle is much better for the environment than buying a new single-use plastic bottle every time. This way you can save hundreds of plastic bottles in a year. Imagine doing this with a large group of people, that will yield significant savings.

    reusable drinking bottles

    Better for your wallet

    If you read this title you might think how? A sustainable water bottle is a lot more expensive than a plastic bottle, right? Without taking into account the savings, this is indeed correct, a plastic bottle is cheaper. However, you also have to count the savings! Imagine you buy a reusable bottle and this saves you the purchase of 5 plastic bottles of water per month. That is a total of 60 plastic bottles of water per year. The average price for a bottle of water is now around 2 euros, 60x2 = 120 euros! Assuming that your sustainable drinking bottle has cost 30 euros, you will quickly save 90 (120-30) per year with the purchase! In short, good for you and good for the environment!

    BPA free

    The products often add a substance to plastic drinking bottles to make the plastic more flexible. We call this substance Bisphenol A, also known as BPA. The more often you use a plastic bottle, the more BPA can be released. Plastic bottles are therefore really produced for single use. The big advantage of a stainless steel drinking bottle is that it is 100% BPA free. No matter how many times you reuse the bottle, BPA is never an issue. Would you like to read more about the substance BPA? The nutrition center has written an article about this, which you can read via this link .

    bpa free

    Plastic Soup Foundation

    Why should you choose a VANN water bottle? Above we have already given you a number of reasons why plastic bottles are a thing of the past. In addition to these reasons, you support the Plastic Soup Foundation with the purchase of your VANN drinking bottle . You automatically donate 1 euro per bottle purchased to this wonderful organization. You don't have to do anything else for this, we automatically transfer the donation to them once every six months. How do you know if we really donate 1 euro of your purchase? We are ECO angel of the Plastic Soup Foundation and are also listed as such on the official website. This means that they are given insight into our turnover every six months and it has been contractually agreed that the Plastic Soup Foundation will receive 1 euro per bottle sold.