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    5 Useful tips for a more sustainable life

    5 Nuttige tips voor een duurzamer leven

    Use a sustainable means of transport more often

    The CO2 emissions of our daily means of transport are enormous. You can make a conscious choice here and in that way contribute to the reduction of emissions. For example, use the bicycle more often or go on foot! Of course we understand that you can't always leave your car behind, that doesn't matter either. What matters to us is a bit of awareness. Raising awareness is an important part of the road to a more sustainable and transparent world. Are you going by car or are you boarding the plane? What you can do is offset your CO2 emissions. You can often offset your emissions when purchasing an airline ticket. Do you not trust the major airlines and would you rather take action yourself? That is of course also possible. Feel free to look up what you can do to offset CO2 emissions. Or click here to visit the regreener site, where you can plant trees and increase your impact.

    Eat less meat

    Often we are not aware that food has a huge impact on our sustainable life. This is mainly due to the resources needed to produce food. Think of land and water. To keep it easy, we will now only zoom in on the water. Did you know that it takes 2500 liters of water to produce 1 hamburger weighing 110 grams? Yes it's not a typo, 2500 liters! Only 6.8% of this amount of water is needed to produce a vegetarian hamburger. Eating less meat or no meat really helps contribute to a more sustainable world. And now we just need to talk about the water. There are many other benefits such as animal welfare, CO2 emissions, pollution and risk of viruses. We certainly don't ask you to become a vegetarian immediately. This issue is also about raising awareness. Be aware of what you eat and do what you want with it.

    Choose a reusable drinking bottle

    Single-use plastic water bottles are a disaster for our environment and account for a large share of the plastic that floats in the ocean. Choosing a reusable drinking bottle instead of single-use plastic bottles is one of the best things you can do to live a more sustainable life. With this sustainable choice you ensure that you save dozens / hundreds of plastic bottles per year. This saves a lot of CO emissions and creates less waste. In addition to these sustainable benefits, a stainless steel drinking bottle is also better for your health. A win-win-win situation if you ask us!

    Sustainable Furniture

    Another good way to reduce your impact on the environment is to choose sustainable furniture. Look for 2nd hand furniture instead of buying everything new. Second hand furniture is often still in perfect condition. In addition to the impact on the environment, this also saves money because second-hand furniture is cheaper than new. Good sites to spot great opportunities are: / Would you rather have new furniture? At Furn they also offer these and plant a tree for every piece of furniture.

    Shower less long and/or less hot

    The average Dutch person showers for about 10 to 15 minutes. During this time, about 120 liters of water go through the shower drain. Research has shown that we actually only need 5 minutes to wash our hair and body. Try sitting on a timer and find your ideal shower time! Every minute is a nice saving 😊. There is also another alternative and that is a sustainable shower head. This shower head saves about 25 liters of water every 7 minutes. Add that up to an annual basis and you arrive at a considerable amount. Most emissions from showering come from heating the water. Now we are not going to ask you to never take a hot shower again, because we also know how nice that is. Just think about it consciously, can't the temperature really be lower? Do what you want with it and continue to enjoy your shower sessions, that's also important.